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The Barrier Book One: 10 years ago, something known as The Event happened, confirming that the spiritual world is real. Many believe The Event triggered the weakening of the barrier between both worlds as cases of hauntings and paranormal powers increased.

Riley has been living in a small town, working with her adopted father at his occult bookstore. She has always been a believer and, deep down, knew she likely had some sort of supernatural ability herself. However, she never realized that on first meeting, first touch, with Ethan – the leader of the American Branch of Paranormal Investigation and Research International, PIRI – would change her life forever.

Now Riley must join the many attempting to retain some balance between the worlds and help spirits to pass on to whatever is next, while the worry of what is happening to the barrier looms over them all.

The Barrier Book One

The Cafe: The Cafe is a short retelling of Pride and Prejudice with a bit of a fantasy thrown in.

Adeline Williams owns a cafe in which she utilizes her powers to add potions to the drinks. James Turner is a shy man whose family does not trust the magical community. Can the two of them look beyond their horrible first impressions to see each other for who they truly are?

The Cafe

Diary of the Horsemen: Michael Garcia always believed something was coming. When he discovers the diary of four cyber terrorists he will discover just how right he was.

Diary of the Horsemen

The Aftermath: The outbreak has happened, the zombies have taken over, and humans are simply surviving.

The Aftermath is a series of short stories, set months, even years after the zombie outbreak. Instead of focusing on the outbreak itself, these stories focus on the struggles of surviving so long after the world has been torn apart. The realities facing the remaining humans are starvation, mental health, population control, and of course, safety as zombies vastly outnumber survivors. The question becomes, how do people continue to survive, and is it even worth it?

The Aftermath