Favorite Winter Levels in Games

It’s the winter holiday season, and I thought I would take a moment to highlight some of the games over the years that have either featured exceptional winter/snowy levels or are just winter/snowy games themselves. As always, this is personal favorites so if you notice some “missing” I maybe didn’t enjoy it enough, it got cut, or I haven’t played the game. In those cases, … Continue reading Favorite Winter Levels in Games

Impressions: Winter in Fairbrook

Some months ago I did an Impressions on Backstage Pass and mentioned my hesitance to bring Otome game Impressions into the blog. I stayed on the fence about it for awhile but have finally decided to give them their spot. Despite not being for everybody I truly love a lot of Otome games, so why not? I had briefly mentioned Winter in Fairbrook in my … Continue reading Impressions: Winter in Fairbrook