Impressions: Speed Dating for Ghosts

So between my love for dating sims and visual novels as well as my love for odd games, something titled “Speeding Dating for Ghosts” seemed like my jam. I expected something relatively light-hearted and probably leaning towards amusing. However, upon playing this game, I was rather surprised. It is a rather compelling little indie game with great character development and backstory for the ghosts. The … Continue reading Impressions: Speed Dating for Ghosts

Impressions: Halloween Otome

Okay, so this is going to be a bit of an odd one… but I felt like a variety of different Halloween-related things for this month might be enjoyable. Halloween Otome is an older dating sim by Synokoria that is available through that uses a lot of what we are used to from dating sims but with its own unique story and characters. In … Continue reading Impressions: Halloween Otome