Impressions: Favorite 5 Slasher Movies

Several months ago, I did a short list of some of my favorite horror movies. I lamented how hard it was to narrow down to just a few favorites. From there, the idea of doing shorter lists for some of my favorite subgenres was born. You can check out my 5 Favorite Creature Features here. I thought this time I would tackle another beloved subgenre, … Continue reading Impressions: Favorite 5 Slasher Movies

Mini Impressions: Urban Legend

I am a massive lover of 90s/early 00s horror films, mostly due to nostalgia as they were the movies I grew up with. In 1998 Urban Legend released and it’s part meta-horror film, part slasher trash, part horror comedy. I loved it when it released, and several years later my interest in it might have changed a bit, but I still greatly enjoy it. For … Continue reading Mini Impressions: Urban Legend