The Barrier Update

Hey everybody! Tomorrow is the day the chapters will be coming down. I am so sorry to anybody who is in the middle of reading it or has considered starting. But there is good news! You can still find all the chapters on Patreon, and the book should be out soon! I really appreciate everybody’s support, and I hope you understand why I can’t keep … Continue reading The Barrier Update

The Barrier: Coming Soon

10 years ago, something known as The Event happened, confirming that the spiritual world is real. Many believe The Event triggered the weakening of the barrier between both worlds as cases of hauntings and paranormal powers increased. Riley has been living in a small town, working with her adopted father at his occult bookstore. She has always been a believer and, deep down, knew she … Continue reading The Barrier: Coming Soon

The Barrier: The End- Chapter Two

Three and half weeks after Ethan had told the board that they would be taking a break, it finally happened. The team got together, as they had been, and Ethan rented some old comedies. Halfway through one of the Abbot and Costello Meets series, Riley finally came back to herself. Riley ended up folded over, practically falling off the couch laughing. A wave of relief … Continue reading The Barrier: The End- Chapter Two

The Barrier: The End- Chapter One

Ethan was on a conference call with the board five days later. “We are taking a break, the whole team,” he stated plainly. “Why would you do that?” a voice replied. “We were unprepared for the last case. Mike is still recovering in the hospital from his wounds and the infection they caused, and Riley will be out of commission for who knows how long. … Continue reading The Barrier: The End- Chapter One

The Barrier: Case Four- Chapter Twelve

Back at the lodge, Ethan felt like pulling out his hair. He knew he had made the right call with focusing on the shade first, but everything about this felt so wrong to him. He wanted to find Riley and Mike now. Daniel was drawing an ornate circle on the floor with a few Latin phrases around it while Gabrielle followed behind, adding French. When … Continue reading The Barrier: Case Four- Chapter Twelve

The Barrier: Case Four- Chapter Eleven

Ethan, Daniel, Josh, and Gabrielle had worked late into the night on their plan to get rid of this shade. Ethan was exhausted by the time he made it back to his room, leaving Emily with Riley and Miller and Josh to watch the monitors. He felt bad for Josh, but the cheerful man told him not to worry that he would nap but remain … Continue reading The Barrier: Case Four- Chapter Eleven

Impressions: The Scream/Psycho Connection

As it is the first Monday of the month, this week’s Impressions Piece is on Patreon. You can check out a preview below, and if you are interested, you can sign up for my Patreon here: Impressions: The Scream/Psycho Connection Perhaps it is the fact that they are two of my favorite horror movies. Perhaps it is the first connection I saw between the two … Continue reading Impressions: The Scream/Psycho Connection

The Barrier: Case Four- Chapter Ten

Gabrielle grabbed Riley’s head to keep her from hurting herself and yelled out. “Someone grab her body, but do not hold her tightly.” “What is happening?” Mike questioned desperately. “I am guessing she is having a reaction to everything that just happened,” Gabrielle answered, still focused on Riley while Daniel began to chant a little over her. “Is she have a seizure?” Emily asked. “Not … Continue reading The Barrier: Case Four- Chapter Ten