Impressions: 15 Favorite Horror Movies

So the subject of “recommended” and “favorite” horror films comes up a lot (comes up a lot outside the genre and even the medium of film). I always struggle with this because there are so many wonderful movies out there, and ‘favorite’ is such a hard word. There are ones I like purely for their entertainment, some that I feel are shining examples of what … Continue reading Impressions: 15 Favorite Horror Movies

Impressions: The Craft

I grew up with a curiosity for horror, nothing too unique there. We liked to watch horror movies at sleepovers (even when we weren’t allowed) and play scary games. More than once, I attempted a version of “Light as a Feather,” and Ouija boards were brought out regularly. So like many girls my age with these interests, I was obsessed with The Craft. It was … Continue reading Impressions: The Craft

Horror Movies I Can Watch Again and Again

I am not making a list of my favorite horror movies… in fact, a lot of my favorites aren’t on here. No these are the horror movies that for whatever reason have become my go-to features. Sometimes it’s just to have them mostly in the background, sometimes to actively watch them again. For various reasons, these are the ones that end up being watched over … Continue reading Horror Movies I Can Watch Again and Again