Impressions: The Conjuring Part 2

So while technically the third (I believe) movie made in the ever-growing The Conjuring universe, it is, as of now, the 7th movie in the chronology. As with most of the movies, there are some references to “real” things and the Warren’s involvement in them, but as with the other movies, there is a lot of stretching the truth. Still, it is heavily focused on … Continue reading Impressions: The Conjuring Part 2

Impressions: Annabelle Comes Home

If you haven’t read (or want a recap) in my Mini Impressions of Annabelle, I basically said that while it was an okay movie, it did not live up to expectations. The Conjuring Universe took great pains to inform the audience that Annabelle is the ultimate evil, so “her” first solo movie being decidedly less scary than others in the franchise was a bit of … Continue reading Impressions: Annabelle Comes Home

Mini Impressions: Annabelle

So I admit it, I am extremely late to the whole The Conjuring universe. Blame it on supernatural horror not being my favorite subgenre or simply just not being hip, who knows. Either way, I am slowly making my way through them and finally got to Annabelle. For those not in the know, Annabelle is the second movie in The Conjuring, and is a prequel … Continue reading Mini Impressions: Annabelle