Impressions: 15 Favorite Horror Movies

So the subject of “recommended” and “favorite” horror films comes up a lot (comes up a lot outside the genre and even the medium of film). I always struggle with this because there are so many wonderful movies out there, and ‘favorite’ is such a hard word. There are ones I like purely for their entertainment, some that I feel are shining examples of what … Continue reading Impressions: 15 Favorite Horror Movies

Embracing the Bad Guy to Win (At Least for A Little While)

Considering they are the main targets in most horror movies, women have to come up with a lot of clever ways to survive the experience. Be it turning the tables, taking the fight head-on, or in some cases actually using the bad guy to their advantage. Every once in a while a horror movie will present a scenario where a woman finds a way to … Continue reading Embracing the Bad Guy to Win (At Least for A Little While)

Emotional Horror Movies

Now I will admit I am a sucker. I love watching a movie- playing a game, reading a book, consuming any media really- and getting caught up in the emotions. That being said, it’s not as though I am completely easily manipulated. A by-product is that while horror movies will shock me, scare me, gross me out, they will rarely make me have an emotional … Continue reading Emotional Horror Movies