Impressions: Couples I Loved in TV Shows

I love love. I like romance, I like happy couples, I like rooting for couples I think would be great. Even when something is not a straight romance, I am a sucker for romance subplots. Over the years, various media has provided me with many couples that I gush over, and here are a few from TV Shows. Patrick and David (Schitt’s Creek) Aside from … Continue reading Impressions: Couples I Loved in TV Shows

Favorite Halloween Themed Episodes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, no not Christmas (although a huge fan of that too), Halloween! Okay yes, I am early, but there is a good reason for that… a reason at least. Yes, I am one of those people completely obsessed with Halloween, and one of those people that actually consumes all manner of Halloween related media year round so why … Continue reading Favorite Halloween Themed Episodes