Impressions: Mimic

Mimic is Guillermo del Toro’s 1997 creature feature. One that I happen to think doesn’t get nearly enough love these days. It follows the story of Dr. Peter Mann and Dr. Susan Tyler, who work together to come up with a solution for cockroaches carrying an illness that targets children. Susan changes the DNA of an insect that will go after cockroaches, killing them, and … Continue reading Impressions: Mimic

My Favorite Creature Features

The Creature Feature is a pretty broad sub-genre that has gone through various highs and lows in movie history. They are often horror films, though branch out into other genres like action and adventure. They started out as mainly being horror films that featured “giant monsters”, and gained their rise especially during atomic fears. Through the years the sub-genre grew to include just creatures of … Continue reading My Favorite Creature Features