Impressions: Revisiting Jurassic Park: The Game

In 2011 before The Walking Dead exploded and took Telltale to new heights, they started experimenting with famous IPs for their games. They had already done games connected to existing properties and things like CSI, but it was Back to the Future that really shifted the company towards the people who would later make The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, etc. Other than Back to … Continue reading Impressions: Revisiting Jurassic Park: The Game

Horror Movies I Can Watch Again and Again

I am not making a list of my favorite horror movies… in fact, a lot of my favorites aren’t on here. No these are the horror movies that for whatever reason have become my go-to features. Sometimes it’s just to have them mostly in the background, sometimes to actively watch them again. For various reasons, these are the ones that end up being watched over … Continue reading Horror Movies I Can Watch Again and Again

Impressions: Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution kind of hit a lot of boxes for me. I love the type of micromanaging Zoo Tycoon esque games. I find them fun, relaxing, and they speak to the slightly compulsive person in me. I also love dinosaurs, I was obsessed with them as a kid (as many of us were), and have a long-standing love for Jurassic Park. This game should … Continue reading Impressions: Jurassic World Evolution

My Favorite Creature Features

The Creature Feature is a pretty broad sub-genre that has gone through various highs and lows in movie history. They are often horror films, though branch out into other genres like action and adventure. They started out as mainly being horror films that featured “giant monsters”, and gained their rise especially during atomic fears. Through the years the sub-genre grew to include just creatures of … Continue reading My Favorite Creature Features