Impressions: Scrooged

Well, it’s Christmas week, so I thought I would do this Impressions on Scrooged, an adaptation of A Christmas Carol from 1988. A lot of people have seen this whacky comedy, with honestly a few horror antics thrown in, but some might not have. Others still might be like me and haven’t revisited it in a long time. It’s… an interesting adaptation, so with that. … Continue reading Impressions: Scrooged

Impressions: Revisiting Mass Effect

2007 gave us the first in what ended up being one of the most popular trilogies of games for the last generation of consoles, Mass Effect. The game introduced players to Shepard and their fight against the Reapers, a race of machines that harvest all organic life in the galaxy in a continuing cycle. Since it’s launch, I have revisited Mass Effect several times, and … Continue reading Impressions: Revisiting Mass Effect