Impressions: Gravity Falls- Summerween

Summerween is another in the “Mabel and Dipper are confused and have different opinions about growing up” episodes. I like these episodes, although I find them a bit bittersweet. I held onto my own youth in some ways and ignored it in others, and wish I could do it all over again… but that’s what growing old and looking back is. Either way, this is … Continue reading Impressions: Gravity Falls- Summerween

Impressions: Gravity Falls

I often dislike recommendations for kids stuff. It is not that I don’t find value in some of the better-developed kids’ shows/movies, but that I am not their target audience, so I don’t tend to enjoy them. Because of this, it was with great hesitance that I finally watched Gravity Falls. Let’s be clear… Gravity Falls is a kids’ show. It is not a show … Continue reading Impressions: Gravity Falls

Favorite Halloween Themed Episodes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, no not Christmas (although a huge fan of that too), Halloween! Okay yes, I am early, but there is a good reason for that… a reason at least. Yes, I am one of those people completely obsessed with Halloween, and one of those people that actually consumes all manner of Halloween related media year round so why … Continue reading Favorite Halloween Themed Episodes