Impressions: Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

Ever since Stardew Valley – a sort of fan redoing of Harvest Moon – came out, there has been a resurgence of those types of games. One that picked up even more not in the immediate wake of Stardew Valley but as the game didn’t lose steam months and even years later. We have seen a lot of games use a similar formula. Move into … Continue reading Impressions: Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

Impressions: Gravity Falls- Summerween

Summerween is another in the “Mabel and Dipper are confused and have different opinions about growing up” episodes. I like these episodes, although I find them a bit bittersweet. I held onto my own youth in some ways and ignored it in others, and wish I could do it all over again… but that’s what growing old and looking back is. Either way, this is … Continue reading Impressions: Gravity Falls- Summerween

Impressions: Iron Will

Iron Will is a 1994 movie from Disney following the story of Will and a real-life 1917 dogsled race from Winnipeg to Saint Paul (although most of the rest of the details of the story are fictional). It featured a pretty stellar cast, including Kevin Spacey, David Ogden Stiers, and August Schellenberg, who was pretty popular at the time. It, like many Disney movies, featured … Continue reading Impressions: Iron Will

Impressions: The Great Mouse Detective and The Bronze Age of Disney

The Great Mouse Detective is the best Disney movie you’ve never seen. Okay, that’s not entirely accurate, it’s a bit rough at times to call it “the best”, and at least some of you have seen it. It is, however, certainly one of the most underrated Disney flicks. The movie is based on the Basil of Baker Street books, which follows a genius mouse detective … Continue reading Impressions: The Great Mouse Detective and The Bronze Age of Disney

Impressions: In Defense of The Little Mermaid

Recently someone asked for kid’s movies with terrible messages. I have a problem with these questions overall because they often involve interpretations that kids are simply not naturally going to come to. However, I concede there is value in reading children’s media critically to make sure we counter messages that we don’t mean to give to our children. These discussions always bring up two Disney … Continue reading Impressions: In Defense of The Little Mermaid