Impressions: Murder, She Wrote- Wheel of Death

We are finally back with more Murder, She Wrote! I have been meaning to write another Impressions piece on this show, and I have truly missed watching and writing about it. That is in the past, though, and we are here. I also now have the box set, so it should be easier to get more pieces done on it. I hope y’all are as … Continue reading Impressions: Murder, She Wrote- Wheel of Death

Impressions: The Patient

In the world of various takes on “crime” media, The Patient seemed like a unique take on the fictionalized story of a serial killer. The show is a short one-shot series on FX with 10 episodes ranging from half an hour to 45 minutes. It has a lot happening, both in terms of Dr. Strauss’ sessions with his patient, but also his own struggles with … Continue reading Impressions: The Patient