The Barrier: Character Profiles

Team Name: Paranormal Investigation and Research International (PIRI) Information: A franchise with locations around the world. Ethan Hill is the Team Lead and Board Member for the American branch. Ethan founded the American branch just over a year after The Event, although it took a few years for things to get going. They both research cases to help spirits pass or debunk cases and help … Continue reading The Barrier: Character Profiles

The Barrier: Preview

10 years ago, something known as The Event happened, confirming that the spiritual world is real. Many believe The Event triggered the weakening of the barrier between both worlds as cases of hauntings and paranormal powers increased. Riley has been living in a small town, working with her adopted father at his occult bookstore. She has always been a believer and, deep down, knew she … Continue reading The Barrier: Preview

Writing Challenge: The Woman and Her Horse

This is an idea I have had creeping around in my mind for some time. I have several different takes on it on my computer but no completed version. I still don’t consider this one to be complete and hope to revisit it sometime. It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything with zombies which is a little surprising for me.  She could feel … Continue reading Writing Challenge: The Woman and Her Horse

Writing Challenge: Flash Fiction- Untitled

So I read a quote by Ray Bradbury (maybe I tend not to believe online quotes) about writing a short story every week. The point of the quote is that you could not write 52 bad stories in a row, my take away was slightly different. What I got from it was a writing challenge.

As I have mentioned before my writing muscles have been atrophied. I was not writing consistently, and then took a long break from writing. I have a number of WIP that I am not able to make any head way with because I allowed myself to go so long without writing. I thought the idea of doing a story a week (roughly) would help me to get back into writing and help to challenge myself.

As I work through this, I want to share them with you. Most of what I write during this challenge will likely not be my best work, so please do not judge too harshly. It’s, again, mostly to flex my writing muscles and get me back into the flow of writing.

So with that, this is my first piece in the challenge. It is flash fiction:

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