Exploring: Cryptozoology/Supernatural- Boo Hags

This month’s Exploring piece is live on Patreon and about Boo Hags! You can sign up here to check it out: https://www.patreon.com/meganezombi It has been a bit since I did a dive into a cryptid or like supernatural creature, and I decided to go with one I had not been aware of – Boo Hags. Boo Hags are a variation of the “hag” myths. Hags … Continue reading Exploring: Cryptozoology/Supernatural- Boo Hags

Exploring: History- America’s Roadside Attractions

I recently wrote about my second visit to the famous “The Thing” on I-10. The roadside attraction was first set up sometime prior to 1969. It was set up by Thomas Binkley Prince and then taken over by his wife when he passed. As I mentioned in my piece, the entire roadside attraction has recently been redone and modernized but still has pieces of what … Continue reading Exploring: History- America’s Roadside Attractions

Exploring: History- Buffalo Bill and The World’s Fair

In 1893 Chicago was the host of the World’s Fair. The World’s Fair is an event that has been happening on and off since the late 1700s. The focus originally of the fair was meant to feature the achievements of the nation hosting and those individuals participating. It would feature the best of the best from all over the host nation, and was meant to … Continue reading Exploring: History- Buffalo Bill and The World’s Fair

Exploring: History- Madam Bathory

If you are into True Crime, horror, the occult, or any of those sorts of interests odds are you’ve heard at least a little about Madam Bathory. She is often considered the female counterpart to Vlad the Impaler. Although whereas Vlad is largely praised for his vampire-like mythos, Countess Elizabeth Bathory, not so much. There were rumors of her being a vampire and using her … Continue reading Exploring: History- Madam Bathory

Exploring: Hoaxes- The Cardiff Giant

“There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that” Genesis 6:4 King James In 1867 staunch atheist George Hull had a conversation with a bible literalist who said he believed that the bible confirmed that there were once giants. This conversation would inspire Hull to later fund and set up one of the most fascinating American Hoaxes, The Cardiff Giant. Once … Continue reading Exploring: Hoaxes- The Cardiff Giant

Exploring: Cryptozoology- Wendigo

The wendigo is a cryptid brought to us by Algonquian tribes. The legends mostly exist in Canada and Northern America as this horrific creature is found in cold temperatures. As with most cryptids, the background, how the legend arose, and what it represents can be debated. The basic idea of the wendigo that most people know is tied to cannibalism. Wendigos are largely believed to … Continue reading Exploring: Cryptozoology- Wendigo

Exploring: History- True Crime

There is no denying that True Crime is in a renaissance right now. Some of the most popular podcasts are True Crime. Books and other media related to True Crime are being made more frequently. And a lot of people are feeling more comfortable coming out and expressing their love for this divisive genre. But while this has been happening, the negative response to it … Continue reading Exploring: History- True Crime

Exploring: Cryptozoology- Chupacabra

The chupacabra is one of the most recent additions to the cryptid family. Stories of it first appeared in 1995 as an explanation for a rash of livestock deaths in Puerto Rico. According to legend over 100 animals died in a short span, most of them goats, almost all of them drained of blood. This leads to the name, chupacabra, which translated is goat-sucker. From … Continue reading Exploring: Cryptozoology- Chupacabra