Personal: Lists and Loss

I love lists and schedules They help with my ADHD, and I love being able to cross things off them I have daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly lists Every Sunday, I had “Call Margie” on my list Until I didn’t Now I am going through my beautiful planner for next year and realize “Call Margie” will never be included again I wish I had appreciated … Continue reading Personal: Lists and Loss

What Depression is Like: How I Feel

Someone (who will remain unidentified) asked me to help explain depression to a loved one, and I was hesitant. It’s not that I lacked the desire to help them, but rather that I felt I lacked the expertise. First problem I see is that depression is different for each person, there are a few shared symptoms, but how they manifest and to what degree changes … Continue reading What Depression is Like: How I Feel

Working from Home and Habits

There are certain pros and cons to working from home. One of the biggest cons is actually related to many little cons; it’s that you can develop and stick with bad habits. It’s easy to throw yourself off, not having a routine, welcome distractions, little things that over time build up to massive problems. I have been thinking a lot about my habits with working … Continue reading Working from Home and Habits

Couples with Mental Health Issues

I am not a mental health professional, and in this case, I am also not a relationship expert. I write according to my own experience and share it because I feel it can be helpful. It’s helpful for me to get it off my chest, and might help others to know that someone else out there is going through something similar. As always if you … Continue reading Couples with Mental Health Issues

Remembering George A. Romero

My relationship with the horror genre has been… odd. As a kid, I was curious and appreciated horror, but scared easily. I remember reading a book about ghosts in grade school and having nightmares for years as a result. I loved Goosebumps but hated them. I moved from there to my teen years where I went through the pretty normal stage of liking gory, over … Continue reading Remembering George A. Romero