Impressions: Ghost Shark

I am always a bit hesitant when reviewing these types of movies. I have spoken openly in the past about not liking that the “so bad it’s good” variety of creature features have taken over the market. I also think that “so bad it’s good” movies require a little effort to be entertaining and, well, not just bad. The majority of these quickly slapped together … Continue reading Impressions: Ghost Shark

Impressions: Friday the 13th and Modern Audiences

So briefly, before we get into the meat of this Impressions, Happy Mother’s Day (if a little late). I have talked about Friday the 13th in the past, giving it the top spot on my franchise ranking, although there is a compelling case for saying Part II is better. But I digress; I wanted to take a moment to talk about Friday the 13th’s place … Continue reading Impressions: Friday the 13th and Modern Audiences

Impressions: The Great Mouse Detective and The Bronze Age of Disney

The Great Mouse Detective is the best Disney movie you’ve never seen. Okay, that’s not entirely accurate, it’s a bit rough at times to call it “the best”, and at least some of you have seen it. It is, however, certainly one of the most underrated Disney flicks. The movie is based on the Basil of Baker Street books, which follows a genius mouse detective … Continue reading Impressions: The Great Mouse Detective and The Bronze Age of Disney

Impressions: Ginger Snaps

In the long history of movies for/about teenage girls, we’ve seen a wide variety of ways to approach the struggles of puberty, coming into your sexuality, growing and sometimes distancing from the important girl friends in your life, etc. I have seen many, but shamefully until recently, I had never actually gotten around to Ginger Snaps. Gingers Snaps is the 2000 horror movie (with a … Continue reading Impressions: Ginger Snaps

Impressions: You’re Next

You’re Next is the 2011 home invasion/slasher movie that came with a bit of a twist. Erin is going home to meet her boyfriend’s family as they all gather to celebrate with their parents. Crispian, the boyfriend, clearly struggles with his relationship with his family and expectations of him. While the family is fighting over dinner, one of the siblings’ partners is shot with a … Continue reading Impressions: You’re Next

Impressions: American Mary

American Mary is the 2012 horror movie by the Soska sisters. The Soska sisters are well known for their visceral style and attention to detail as far as violence, gore, and bringing a visual punch. I wouldn’t label them as just making gore porn, not by a long shot, but they do remind me of other horror directors who put a lot of effort into … Continue reading Impressions: American Mary

Impressions: The Village

Warning this piece will start with spoilers and continue with them. Part of my response/encouragement to give this movie a second chance is based on the big twist, so it will be mentioned early. I saw this movie in theaters with friends, and I remember misunderstanding the plot from the start. This misunderstanding led me to “spoil” the big twist for myself; I knew from … Continue reading Impressions: The Village