Maple Lane Adventures: Special Scene

So we are starting Year Three (holy cow!), but this year starts a bit differently. If you remember, way back to the start of this series, the farmer at the start of Stardew Valley inherits their grandfather’s farm. One of the things you’ll notice early is an alter on your farm that is inactive. You are told you will learn the secret during your third … Continue reading Maple Lane Adventures: Special Scene

Impressions: Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

Ever since Stardew Valley – a sort of fan redoing of Harvest Moon – came out, there has been a resurgence of those types of games. One that picked up even more not in the immediate wake of Stardew Valley but as the game didn’t lose steam months and even years later. We have seen a lot of games use a similar formula. Move into … Continue reading Impressions: Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

Impressions: Murder, She Wrote- Wheel of Death

We are finally back with more Murder, She Wrote! I have been meaning to write another Impressions piece on this show, and I have truly missed watching and writing about it. That is in the past, though, and we are here. I also now have the box set, so it should be easier to get more pieces done on it. I hope y’all are as … Continue reading Impressions: Murder, She Wrote- Wheel of Death

Impressions: The Patient

In the world of various takes on “crime” media, The Patient seemed like a unique take on the fictionalized story of a serial killer. The show is a short one-shot series on FX with 10 episodes ranging from half an hour to 45 minutes. It has a lot happening, both in terms of Dr. Strauss’ sessions with his patient, but also his own struggles with … Continue reading Impressions: The Patient