The Barrier Update

Hey everybody! Tomorrow is the day the chapters will be coming down. I am so sorry to anybody who is in the middle of reading it or has considered starting. But there is good news! You can still find all the chapters on Patreon, and the book should be out soon! I really appreciate everybody’s support, and I hope you understand why I can’t keep … Continue reading The Barrier Update

Maple Lane Adventures: Year Three- Week Two

Alright, it is the second week of winter, and as usual, this week starts with the Ice Festival! I went ahead and did the fishing competition, and I managed to win! Also spent some time talking to everybody and just enjoying the day. The rest of this week was pretty normal, with one exception, which we will get to. I did more mining for the … Continue reading Maple Lane Adventures: Year Three- Week Two

Impressions: Papertris

Papertris is the upcoming game from developers Paper Games. It is a puzzle game, inspired somewhat – as the name implies – by Tetris and also Columns. It does, however, manage to have its own unique take and is fairly fun and challenging. Gameplay works similarly to other puzzle games of this variety, you have blocks that move down, and the goal is to match … Continue reading Impressions: Papertris

Weekly Recap

A quick reminder of ways you can support me and my writing. I have a Patreon page. I do extra Impressions, Exploring pieces, and other writings there. This month’s Impressions piece is on The Office- Dinner Party and an Exploring post on Ouija Board. Please consider signing up and supporting: I do still have my Fanhouse and occasionally update. You can see it here: … Continue reading Weekly Recap

Exploring: Supernatural- Ouija Board

This month’s Exploring piece is live on Patreon and about the Ouija Board! You can sign up here to check it out: If you are like me, an elder millennial, odds are at some point in your life, you were at a sleepover or the like and used either an “official” or handcrafted Ouija Board to “talk to the dead.” Perhaps you were looking for … Continue reading Exploring: Supernatural- Ouija Board