The Barrier: Case Two- Chapter Six

Riley walked into the kitchen and saw Mrs. Perez was still cooking breakfast. “Can I help?” she asked the older woman cheerfully but softly to not startle her. The woman smiled at her. “Yes, dear, thank you. I just need to get everything into serving bowls and on the table.” Riley nodded and walked over to help her with it and to help set the … Continue reading The Barrier: Case Two- Chapter Six

Impressions: King of the Hill- Good Hill Hunting

In my first Impressions of a King of the Hill episode, I talked about how there were different types of good episodes for this show. Some were funny, and some were more meaningful. This one, while funny, is in the more meaningful category. Season 3, episode 8 of King of the Hill is focused on the “rite of passage” of hunting. The episode starts with … Continue reading Impressions: King of the Hill- Good Hill Hunting

Weekly Recap

A quick reminder of ways you can support me and my writing. I have a Patreon page. I do extra Impressions, Exploring pieces, and possibly other writings there. This month’s Impressions piece on Comfort Horror Movies and an Exploring piece on The Winchester Mansion. Most exciting of all, though – You can get chapters of my serial story, The Barrier, ahead on Patreon! For the … Continue reading Weekly Recap