This is the site for all things Megan E. Zombi/LolliZombi writer and content creator.

As a writer, I publish under/go by Megan E. Pearson. I am freelance and have contributed to a number of sites. I will post links to the various places you can find my works online. I have written about most forms of pop culture and greatly enjoy it. Due to my personal preferences, I write largely about games and horror movies, but I have and will write about anything in nerd culture that I feel able to speak on. I also write creative works, selling and self-publishing short stories thus far, and hope to publish my first novel in the near future. I will also keep people apprised of those works as they are happening. If you are ever interested in having me write for you, I am always looking for new opportunities. Please feel free to contact me, and we can discuss!

As a content creator, I go by LolliZombi on Twitch. I am hoping to expand my Twitch channel and would like to look into starting to do podcasts. You will find news and updates on all of those ventures here as well. Once again if you have a project going and would like to contact me about working with you, please do so!

Warning- As far as personal posts go you should know I am very opinionated and some of my posts will reflect that. I am open to discussion surrounding any of my posts, but I won’t approve comments that are just random hate or filled with misinformation.

Email: meganezombi@gmail.com


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If you enjoy the blog please consider donating to my Ko-fi. If you can great if not I completely understand


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Megan E. Pearson!

    So it looks like you’re working on your short story right now, but maybe when you take a break, you’d enjoy playing an indiegame? I’m Caty Herndon, and I’m creating a comedic, murder mystery about a detective who faints at the sight of blood! We just had our free demo release two days ago and you can find our free game demo here: https://rocktheclock.itch.io/the-cold-case-of-noella-bejerot

    Good luck writing your story! I know it can be a lot of hard work! If you play and enjoy our game, please let us know!
    My email is thecoldcaseofnoellabejerot@gmail.com


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