Maple Lane Adventures: Year Four- Spring Week Three

Busy week this week in Stardew Valley. I did a lot of work with Ginger Island. First, I finally made my way to the last room in the Ginger Island dungeon. I pretty much kept my head down and ran through because I wanted to see what was at the end. Turns out it is a forge to upgrade weapons. It also turned out I had nothing to upgrade, so it ended up kind of being a waste. I did at least make it, though, and got a few Gold Walnuts in the process.

Which speaking of… I yet again opened more of the island, this time the beach. I met the Pirate Wife, who has been on the island ever since she set out to find her husband. She gives you a photo and asks you to find someone who might want it. I didn’t exactly understand what was happening at first, but it turns out it is basically a trading game. You start by giving the photo to Kent, and in turn, he gives you a different item. Once I figured out how to start, the items pretty much make sense for one person, such as a remote for George. Eventually, you trade through until you get a locket to return to the woman. It was a cool little quest. Also, the Wizard is his usual self when you give an item to him. He takes it and then seems annoyed you want something for the effort. Such a nice guy, LOL

Back to Ginger Island, though. I cheated a little to finish a quest in the museum to find out how many flowers are on the island. I looked it up. I suppose I feel a little bad, but not all that much? I also looked up what weapons I could still get in the game now that I know a forge is at the end of the Ginger Island dungeon. Turns out I have had the ability to access the Galaxy Sword and didn’t realize it. I went to the desert and got it, and now all that is left is to eventually upgrade it.

So a pretty busy week! We are getting stuff done on Ginger Island, though, so I am excited. I hope that I can keep on top of things and finish out our final year strong!

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