Maple Lane Adventures: Year Four- Spring Two

Hello, hello! Time for another week on Maple Lane Farm! So I am still prioritizing Ginger Island and so headed on over to it again this week. Although I stupidly forgot my watering can, which is needed to do the dungeon. Still, I was on the island and spent the time and money to get there and decided to see what I could do. I did have enough Gold Walnuts to build a bridge to access another part of the island, and while I was saving up decided to go for it. Doing so ended up being a good idea. I got access to a new character and a new challenge with Ginger Island, helping to gather stuff for another museum. Still, it was a good call, and having more to do on Ginger Island is a good thing.

I also got the cutscene for finishing Pierre’s big quest. He wanted gold-rated produce, and I got it to him. But the markup price he was attempting to sell at was insane! I don’t hate Pierre as much as other fans of the game, but moments like this make me understand their perspective a little more.

I also made sure to get everybody’s birthday and talk with the villagers. And last but not least was the Egg Festival. I gave it my all but lost; kind of a bummer to lose for my last one. Still, I have won more than once, so in the grand scheme, it’ll be okay.

And with that, another week is done in our last year of Stardew Valley!

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