Worth the Grind: Pupperazzi

So as far as an easy achievement list, I would say that, yes, Pupperazzi is worth the grind… mostly. If you read my Impressions of it, you will have seen that I said the game had some issues and was more limited than I would have liked. This will become apparent as you work your way through the achievement list.

None of the difficulties with the game are so big that I would remove this from the “completion” list, but be prepared for some annoyances. Make sure you are checking achievement progress often, and if you are doing things, such as jumping and taking a picture, and seeing no movement quit out and start the game again. Or even be prepared to have to do another playthrough.

Most of the achievements are pretty straightforward, such as a close-up of a dog at each time of day at each map location or buying all the camera parts. Some of them less so. The Puppypedia and completing all Follower Audiences are the only two that gave me much in the way of difficulty, although there are a lot of guides that should help if you aren’t getting them.

Other than that, be prepared to just take lots of pictures, and again as I said, check the progress tracker frequently to ensure you are actually getting credit for achievements.

It’s a fun enough game that even though I didn’t love it as much as I wanted, I still enjoyed getting all the achievements. It shouldn’t take too long, so should be a fairly easy one to add to your completion list.

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