Maple Lane Adventures: Year Four- Spring Week One

I can’t believe it is Year Four! This will be our final year and the end of this series. Bittersweet, but I am happy. This playthrough has allowed me to explore things I haven’t yet experienced in Stardew Valley and has gotten me closer to completing things that I have never done before. I do have some goals for this final year so that I can hopefully feel satisfied when we stop the series.

– Finish the Museum
– Finish the Abandoned Joja Mart Bundle – this should be easy because I am only short one thing, and I have the means to get it done
– Don’t miss a single birthday
– Get much more done on Ginger Island
– Find out how to get Ostriches

So with that, how did our first week go? Well, a LOT of busy work getting the farm ready for the season. I also figured out that I accidentally neglected my poor animals a bit during the last week of winter. Whoops! But everybody is alive, and well; they were just grumpy with me.

I took on Pierre’s community board quest (the bigger quests that usually give you a cut scene) for 25 gold vegetables. I did a whole lot of mining and working on Ginger Island, but nothing really big changed.

And I was, in fact, able to quickly complete one of the “final goals” and finish the Joja Mart Bundle. It was a bit sad; the junimo said they were left behind when the others were able to leave when the farmer finished the community center, but they were so happy to be reunited with their friends again. Poor little guy but so happy we got that done. Now I can finally see what takes the place of that eyesore.

With that, another week is done, and off to a great start for the year!

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