Impressions: Slumber Party Massacre and the Remake

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So a couple of years ago, a remake of Slumber Party Massacre, brought to us as a SyFy original, came out. I watched the original one night while looking for slasher trash and never thought much about it after. So when I heard about the new movie and was interested but thought it was an odd pick. I sort of kept it on my radar, but not as much as I should have, if I am being honest. Over time though, I saw a lot of the response to it being fairly positive as it was in the same vein as a few movies that were attempting to give women back some of their agency in the genre, a la the Black Christmas remake. I’d also note the new direction with Halloween, and even movies like You’re Next, I think, fall into this category to varying degrees. While my responses to each individual movie may vary – if you are on my Patreon, you can read about my disappointment with Black Christmas – I do like this direction. So I decided to rewatch the original Slumber Party Massacre and then watch the remake, and… yeah, I have some thoughts.

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