Maple Lane Adventures: Year Three- Winter Week Four

It’s time for our last week in Year Three on Maple Lane Farm, and boy, was it… something. So first of all some good news. We made progress on Ginger Island! I was finally able to unlock another part of the island, and I seem to be getting slightly better at the volcano dungeon. Still have never made it close to the end, but I am getting further each time and actually getting more Golden Walnuts.

Because we opened another part of the island, we also met… the Pirate’s Wife. Nice! She is looking for a lost item of her husband’s and gets the farmer to take over the search. I am glad to be progressing more with Ginger Island and working it out.

I also did a lot of grinding with the standard mine because I really want to try to complete the museum, but boy, is it taking a while. I also got some fishing requests done for Willy.

But on to the bad news.

To coincide with Christmas, Stardew Valley has the Festival of the Winter Star, as we know. Well… something happened. I got a letter saying my friend was Elliot; my reminder letter came after Leo (see last week) finally told the farmer his name. The reminder letter said that my friend was now Leo? Arrived at the festival, and of course, Leo wasn’t there, but I also couldn’t gift Elliot. The festival cannot end, and you cannot make progress without giving a gift. So I was forced to quit out and reset and then just skip the festival. I am so bummed out! I think I may have done it to myself when I force quit while playing the last week (I know I shouldn’t have, but I got myself in a real pickle), but I am not entirely sure.

Either way missing out on a festival when I am this close to the end was a bummer. I hope whatever happened doesn’t cause other glitches for our final year.

But also… We are starting our final year soon!!!!

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