Worth the Grind: Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk is a 2020 indie game that is mostly a visual novel but with some coffee-making thrown in. It has a compelling story that shouldn’t take more than a few hours to complete and is worth it if you like visual novels. But as far as achievements are concerned, is it worth the grind?


I mean, yes, but I say mostly because two are kind of annoying.

Many of the achievements are tied to the story. Just serve all the customers the right drinks, and you should get to see the best endings for everybody in one playthrough. The remaining are where endless mode comes in.

Endless mode has two versions. One is free, where you can just do whatever and experiment. One is challenge, where you will have to serve the correct drinks in a limited time. Probably the most challenging achievement in the game is to get 50 drinks in challenge mode. However, there are guides now that should help you, and you can pause the game after you see an order to consult a guide. Honestly, pretty easy to do that way.

You can use free mode to unlock all the drink types and listen to all the music in the game for achievements.

So where did the “mostly” come from. Two achievements, one is to throw away 25 drinks, and the other is to spend an hour in latte art. Neither of these can be done in endless mode.

In story mode, you can only trash 5 drinks per day, so you will have to trash drinks, reload, lather rinse repeat. Or just try to throw away drinks throughout the playthrough. This is not the worst but a bit irksome. However, the latte art is something in this game that I just did not care for. There is only one time that you have to do it the entire game. It’s not fun, it’s finicky to control, so unless you are really into the latte art, you will probably have to do what I did. Load up the first day, get to the drink that requires you to do art. Just make one quick little swirl, then leave the game running on that screen for an hour. Yep.

Neither of those are bad, just a bit dumb and time-consuming in a way that it really didn’t need to be. Still a fairly easy completion and a worthwhile game to play. So while “mostly” was my first answer, yes is my real one.

Check out my Impressions of Coffee Talk and should have Impressions of Coffee Talk 2 soon!

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