Maple Lane Adventures: Year Three- Winter Week Three

Another week in Stardew is upon us! It is the third week of winter, so that means… The Night Market! I still really enjoy the Night Market even though I have basically done all I can with it. I attended the Mermaid Show again, did a night of deep sea fishing, and just talked to all the characters as they enjoyed it themselves.

Other than that, it was a pretty slow week. I am still struggling to make progress with Ginger Island, even though it is one of the few big things I have left. I had apparently gotten enough Golden Walnuts to get Leo, the little boy you first meet, to talk to me. He told me his name and, more importantly, that he thinks he is a bird. Leo starts to tell a story of being in a shipwreck with his family and losing them, then immediately denies that it happened and that he is a bird. Sad… I am glad that I am making some progress, but I need to be making a lot more.

Other than that, it was a pretty slow week. I did a lot of work in the greenhouse because I realized how close we are to the end of this series, and I need to speed up on some goals.

See you next week!

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