Quick Announcement!

Hello, everybody just wanted to do a quick announcement that will impact the stream more than blog, but both. Ben and I have a MAJOR spring cleaning time scheduled in the near future. I will schedule stuff so the blog will remain active, but I will be less likely to reply to comments and whatnot. I appreciate all of you and am not ignoring anybody intentionally, just our priority during that time is to get A LOT done in the house.

It will also mean I will not be streaming consistently. I will try to get a few streams in when I feel up to it, but again, cleaning is the top priority.

I appreciate all of you, and good luck to anybody else who has something like this planned. I have noticed in my bubble it seems like a lot of people are looking into minimizing a bit.

Thanks so much, and hopefully, news on the paperback and everything else will be coming soon!

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