Impressions: Fallout- Vault 11 and Vault 92

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Impressions: Fallout- Vault 11 and Vault 92

Those who have played games in the Fallout Universe are aware of the brutal and horrific crimes of the in-game company Vault-Tec. For everybody else, Fallout is set in an Alternate Universe where the drivers of technology shifted after WW2, and the world rapidly started developing nuclear technology. The Cold War was not so cold and included many more countries, all building towards The Great War in which many countries launched their nuclear weapons nearly simultaneously. Each of the games takes place at various stages after this happened, with most in the series being 100+ years after. Vault-Tec seeing the Great War coming, decided to offer humanity, specifically Americans, a chance to survive the fallout of nuclear war by offering people the chance to be saved and live in vaults. At least that’s what the promise was… in actuality, as the games developed Vault-Tec was revealed to be a corporation run by awful people that used the vaults for experiments. During the games, players discovered many vaults or started in them, and we slowly learned about the various experiments.

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