Maple Lane Adventures: Year Three- Week Two

Alright, it is the second week of winter, and as usual, this week starts with the Ice Festival! I went ahead and did the fishing competition, and I managed to win! Also spent some time talking to everybody and just enjoying the day.

The rest of this week was pretty normal, with one exception, which we will get to. I did more mining for the museum and have realized I need to come up with a plan for Ginger Island. I made sure to talk to everybody. Our pond finally finished, and I got that working on the farm.

But we also attempted the desert mine again. I had mentioned several weeks back using the “jade method,” as it’s known online, and managed to stockpile a lot of staircases. Got to the mine as early as I could and went for it and…


My first time ever getting all the way down! Met up with Mister Qi to discuss the challenge. He gave me the business for using staircases to get down instead of making it without but otherwise was congratulatory.

He also gave me “Iridium Snake Milk,” which, of course, the farmer just downs with no thought for their health or safety. It’s a real problem in this game, the farmer’s willingness to just drink any ole thing a character gives them. It did give me a permanent health increase, though.

And then we barely made it back to the farm in time before the automatic pass-out time hit. Yikes!

So a fairly normal week, but I am super thrilled to have finished that mine. Now on to working out how to finish as much as I have left because we are almost done with this series!

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