Exploring: Supernatural- Ouija Board

This month’s Exploring piece is live on Patreon and about the Ouija Board! You can sign up here to check it out: https://www.patreon.com/meganezombi

If you are like me, an elder millennial, odds are at some point in your life, you were at a sleepover or the like and used either an “official” or handcrafted Ouija Board to “talk to the dead.” Perhaps you were looking for a little thrill. Perhaps you used it to find out if your crush also liked you. Either way, for whatever reason, they were a staple at a lot of hangouts when I was younger, which upon reflection, is not all that wise. If you haven’t realized through my other Exploring Posts, while I am mostly a skeptic, I have just enough respect, or rather fear, that I tend to think “don’t poke the bear” is the best response to things like Ouija Boards. Still, I did get curious about the history and origins of the oh-so-famous Ouija Board and how it came to be.

Full piece here: https://www.patreon.com/meganezombi

3 thoughts on “Exploring: Supernatural- Ouija Board

  1. I figured you were skeptical (which isn’t bad) but you also sound like someone who knows enough about spiritual matters that you don’t use those things. I feel like maybe you had an experience or two yourself. Regardless you’re right. It shouldn’t be used. At all.


    1. My general attitude is “don’t poke the bear” because while I may be a skeptic, but being proven wrong because I was dicking around with things I shouldn’t is just soooooo not worth the risk LOL. So diet skeptic?

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      1. I would say smart not diet. I have had to help a lot of people who were even atheists because they fucked around with stupid shit prove that people like me are “delusional”. So no, you’re smart.


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