Maple Lane Adventures: Year Three- Winter Week One

Alright, we are starting winter! I can’t believe we are almost done with Year Three! And we got off to a slow start. With the lack of planting, I didn’t even really need to do farm clean up or that type of busy work.

I spent time getting people’s birthdays and talking to them. I am also trying to remember Krobus, so I can make some headway with developing a friendship with him. I always forget about him in his little sewer, poor guy.

I did a lot of mining and fishing. I also finally got enough Jade saved to do enough staircases to hopefully reach the bottom of the desert mine, so that should be happening soon. I also wanted to collect bombs and good food to help with the process.

I also finally built a pond on my farm, which why did I wait so long?

So with that, another week closed as we get closer to the end of our time on Maple Lane Farm.

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