Maple Lane Adventures: Year Three- Fall Week Four

Alright, we are back for another week in Stardew Valley. We are on the 4th week of Fall of the 3rd Year. So kind of a slow week, although not entirely surprising.

I did not do much on the farm because it’s the end of the season, so there is no reason to plant or anything right now. Mostly just dealt with the normal stuff. I hatched another void chicken, so my void chicken and dinosaur population are doing rather nicely.

I spent some more time on Ginger Island and attempted the volcano mine and just got my ass absolutely handed to me.

It was also the week of the Spirit Eve Festival, of course. At this point, I don’t know what the golden pumpkins for finishing the maze are for, but I also know I have to do it every single year.

The only really “big” thing was triggering a Sebastian conversation where he admits he regrets fighting with his half-sister Maru so much. The conversation happened because he mentioned not wanting his kids to fight like they did. He also admits that it was largely his fault that they never got along. So this isn’t actually a big thing per se; rather, it relates to an opinion I have long since had –

I love Stardew, and it’s a damn near-perfect game. I just wish so much that in all the updates, one had included scenes between whoever the farmer marries and their most connected character. So in this instance, Maru visiting the farm and maybe making up with Sebastian. After maybe her character randomly shows up on the farm on a free day. Or, in the case of Shane, have this happen with Jas. I just think it would have been such a cool detail to add as far as the development of the characters.

But we can’t have it all… It is still nice for Sebastian to take ownership of their fighting and admit that he doesn’t want his kids to follow the same pattern. A nice little detail thrown in for people who develop their relationship with him.

So with that, we are done with fall and nearly the year! Crazy!

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