New Mexico: Oddities and Curiosities Expo

Content Warning: It is an Oddities Expo, so the things there might be upsetting and disturbing to some people. There will be pictures of some fake oddities but also real things like animal skulls etc. If this does not appeal to you, I understand, and I’ll have another post live soon!

Ben and I recently went to the Oddities and Curiosities Expo as it came through Albuquerque! It was a blast. There were a lot of vendors selling a variety of things from the morbid, to horror-themed, books, prints, and a whole plethora of stuff. We got some cool pieces and info on some great shops that I hope to purchase things from. There was also an “Oddities Museum” themed around a fictional clown that assembled a collection of nightmares, all leading towards a big reveal. I greatly enjoyed it; it was kitsch and designed to appeal to people who, like me, enjoy the strange but with a helping heap of tongue-in-cheek humor. If you want to know what the reveal was… you’ll have to look up the expo and try to attend yourself! Totally worth it, though, and darkly humorous. There were a few vendors selling stuff I found inappropriate, but for the most part, everything was really great, and I don’t want to focus too much on that. There was also a main stage where they did a variety of quick performances. We missed most of that but could hear what was going on, a lot of what you’d expect to see at circuses and things like that. So overall just a great day and a great way to overspend LOL.

This is all from the museum, there was a lot more too. Super weird and fun

I got this from Decayed Brocade. They had so many cool pieces it was actually hard to pick just one as my “big” purchase

I got this from Strong and Hardy. They had some wonderful prints, I could fill my whole house with them! This one spoke to me as a writer

I got this from Burning Paper Hearts, they had AMAZING photography and mixed media art. However also NSFW

There was so much! I got coyote nail earrings from SkummysYummy (on Instagram) who does my hair. She had a lot of great stuff. Dead Darling Boutique sells horror-themed and morbid sauces, mac and cheese mixes, dessert mixes, and all kinds of fun things. I also got a great mug from them. Her Travelling Altar had some great big mixed media pieces. Artistabe (on Instagram) had some awesome prints from the horror genre. I did get some but no pictures because they are gifts. I super hope to get more. I got two adorable prints from Gloomy Grove! Also, I was unable to purchase one, but I really wanted to… Did you know Uranium Glass Antiques are a thing? I didn’t! LadyAlchemy13 had them, and I am really bummed I couldn’t get one. And there was just so much more and so much fun stuff! Check out the website for the vendors, and I highly recommend you go if you are able!

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