Impressions: The Office- Dinner Party

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Impressions: The Office- Dinner Party

Dinner Party, season 4, episode 13, is fairly unique in the history of The Office. It does not have an a, and b plotline like many episodes do, as do many sitcoms. Even the cold open feeds directly into the plot, which does happen occasionally but usually not. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of a bottle episode, although not that, either. It is, however, hilarious, awkward, and uncomfortable in the best of ways. It also highlights the best and worst aspects of a few of the characters.

Dinner Party opens with the people of The Office stuck doing an overtime job. Michael comes to Jim and confirms he has no plans for that night, which Jim says, of course, he doesn’t because he has to be at work for the overtime project. Once Michael gets that confirmation and a few grumbles from the other workers, he “makes a call” to tell corporate they aren’t doing the project. He announces that he talked corporate into letting them go home, then turns to Jim to invite him over. Before Jim can think of a dodge, Michael reminds him that he has no plans and Jim has to consent. Jim realizes they have been conned and that the project was likely fake.

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