Maple Lane Adventures: Year Three- Fall Week Three

So time for more Maple Lane Farm Adventures! We are in our 3rd week of Fall in the 3rd Year. Crazy (and sad) how near the end we are! With that!

Kind of a boring week, LOL. We did the normal grind. Making sure to talk to people, handing out gifts, and taking care of the few things on the farm that are not automated.

We also had the fair this week. I was able to take first again and then just enjoyed the rest of the festival. I went to the fortune teller and got a pretty lackluster reading, I am guessing because it is so late in the game, and I have already done so much.

Other than that, the only major thing was… we had our second kid! Now after so many times of playing, I finally unlocked the Full House achievement.

With that, we go onward!

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