Maple Lane Adventures: Year Three- Fall Week Two

Hello, and welcome to another week on Maple Lane Farm! It is the second week of Fall, and a decent amount happened this week!

First, after still struggling with the Desert Mine, I decided to try what is known as the “jade method” online. You use the thing that replicates gems to save up a bunch of jade, then can exchange the jade for stairs. After trying it out, it’s a bit slow but will be much faster than trying to get all the rocks needed for stairs. Hopefully, soon I can mark off finishing the mine.

The farmer and Sebastian’s first kid grew, and I agreed to try for a second. So we’ll be having another in-game baby soon.

I finished two “larger” quests. One for fishing and unlocked the Farm Computer. The other was getting gems for Emily. Emily then led a guided meditation with the farmer and various characters, each representing the gems I got for her. Solid cutscene overall, perfectly topped off by Haley falling asleep during the meditation. LOL

Other than that, I did a lot of the standard stuff. I talked to people, handed out birthday gifts, got a heater and autograbber for my last coop. I also did some mining and maxed out my combat skill.

A pretty good week in Stardew Valley!

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