Impressions: Kaichu- The Kaiju Dating Sim

So as you may or may not be aware, I am a pretty big fan of dating sims, especially the wacky and silly ones. So naturally, when I heard that there was going to be a Kaiju dating sim, I was pretty damn excited. Kaiju, for those unaware, refers to giant monsters in Japanese media… so Godzilla famously. – and also vaguely referenced – The game is adorable, funny, and pretty entertaining. Although the gameplay is a bit different than what I expected.

In Kaichu- the Kaiju Dating Sim, you play as Gigachu, who recently arrived on Earth and is looking for romance. The game has two Kaiju-obsessed reporters following and narrating the story. You start by picking which kaiju you want to romance and then pick a famous location for your date. You are asked a series of questions and answer. Bad answers will see you and the other kaiju upset, good ones will do soft attacks, and great answers will have you both doing powerful attacks against the location you visit. If you manage to destroy it, it will be marked as a good date and you will get more points towards your romance. If you have a bad date (or just good date in the second act), you will lose points.

If you play well enough, eventually the military will get involved and want to break up your Kaiju romance. You finish the game by either beating the military or having your romance end.

So the game is pretty adorable with a lot of cute moments, and the ending scenes for successful romances are super charming. The game also puts a lot of effort into developing each of the kaiju and the various issues they face, and you face in trying to romance them. From having issues with trust to looking for a partner to help raise their kids. Each of them is pretty distinct and interesting in that aspect.

The game is also hilarious. It is filled with a lot of silly jokes and zany humor. The dialogue also shifts enough that even though you are getting the same basic plot each time, you’ll at least get a few different jokes and dialogue. It is also filled with a lot of nerd humor and some silly pop culture humor, like Dolly Parton being your hero in one answer, which is fantastic.

My issue is the game is rather small and limited. Again, it’s just a series of questions, there is no real other game here. So it becomes more trivia than, say a normal visual novel/dating sim. Also, once you complete the game, there is not a lot to bring you back, which is pretty standard for dating sims, but this one is fairly short…

All that being said, it’s not all that expensive and a lot of fun, so even though I feel like I have pretty much completed the game and am unlikely to revisit much, I don’t regret the time I spent on it, nor the support I gave to the developers.

So bottom line? If you are looking for a more traditional and in-depth dating sim, I assume you know, based on the idea of it alone, that you won’t find that here. If you like some of the wackier ones, this is one of the more enjoyable experiences I have had. Funny, cute, and solid all around. It’s not too expensive, available on every console, and just a cute experience. Honestly, I would recommend it to anyone looking for something fun and on the wholesome side to play. It really was a treat.

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