Maple Lane Adventures: Year Three- Fall Week One

Alright, the first week of fall in our third year on Maple Lane Farm! Naturally, this first week we spent time setting up the farm for the season. This doesn’t take too long anymore, but still the way the start of the season must go.

A bit of a slow week. We did some more mining. I also agreed to try for another kid with Sebastian, going for that achievement I have never gotten for having two kids.

We checked out Ginger Island. As I said last time, I am not sure what to do on Ginger Island, so I need to do some digging to work things out.

I also got a bit of a bittersweet scene with Pam. She admits that her desire to turn her life around after getting the house has not been going well. She is grateful, but it hasn’t inspired the change in her she was hoping for. She has decided to also add some religion to her life to see if that helps.

Pam is an interesting character because you do see improvement in her overall. However, she is also pretty realistic in that she is still struggling even after those improvements. I wish we could see more progress with Pam, but I kind of get why we don’t.

So that was the start of fall!

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