Mini Impressions: The Legend of Gwen

The Legend of Gwen is the upcoming platformer from indie developers wiwigames. In it, you take control of Gwen, a young witch who has just joined the school of magic. However, as she arrives, The Evil One steals all the knowledge from the school. Gwen must go through various worlds, each with several levels, to learn magic, fight bad guys, and restore order.

Gameplay is what you expect. In each level, you have to explore and discover the stars that will allow you to progress. Levels are timed, and you get a certain number of lives to succeed. There are bonus things that you don’t have to do but will help. Collecting gems and opening chests chief among them. You also have a wand to attack enemies and use to help with puzzles.

Like most platformers, the levels provide different challenges, from enemy types to just a variety of different layouts of the platforms themselves. There are also puzzles in many of the levels, do thing A to help you at point C. The game also has a variety of level-ups, or spells in this case, that allow you to do different things like dashing.

It is a 3D platformer. Platformers can be tricky, and 3D ones add even more challenge. The game allows you to spin the camera to help with the 3D element; however, this game was still exceptionally challenging for me. Aiming your magic wand to attack enemies feels off. Not only that, but the depth-perception element that is what makes 3D platformers harder feels extra present in this game. I would miss jumps because I felt I was lined up, only to fail over and over because I was just off. I get that it is a “me” problem, and I will admit I have more difficulty with this than a lot of gamers. However, this game felt a bit extra from others.

The game boasts about its difficulty which I can appreciate. Some of it felt like actual intentional challenges, from the limited time that means you need to nail each jump, to challenging enemies and their spawns. Some of it just felt like gameplay that needed to be tightened, though. The former I have no problem with – other than my not being the best gamer, LOL – the latter I wish they had worked on some more.

The music is good, though, and the look of the game is adorable. There is also a decent amount of levels, and while they can start to blend, there is variety. Repetition in platformers is kind of a genre problem less than a “The Legend of Gwen” one. So while not the most amazing platformer out there, it’s decent and cute and worth it from that aspect.

However, I really think the game needed some polish.

So bottom line? Well, it depends on you, the gamer. Do you like platformers, especially ones that provide challenge, and are looking for a new one? You should really consider it. It’s overall pretty okay, even if I struggled with gameplay. It probably won’t be the best one you’ve ever played, but it’s cute and unique enough to be worth the try. If that genre is not for you, this game will not convert you; if anything, it might turn you off more. I really think that people should consider it, though. It releases on the 16th of this month on Switch and Steam.

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