Addressing the Old Name

I had this up before and seem to have accidentally deleted it, so here we are again. For a while (and still in some places where I can’t change my name), I went by a certain handle. I honestly believed that you could separate the idea of cute meets sexy, a game, and fashion style, from what it really is, and I was wrong. I changed it years ago, and I apologize for any part I may have had in normalizing something that is not and never should be. It was not my intention. In my mind, they were separate things, and a lot of nerds I knew threw it around, not really referencing the bad parts of it. I changed my handles in most places to instead to be more tied to the game and the general vibe of still keeping “cute but horror” without unintentionally supporting something that is gross and wrong. I hope by now I have been entirely dissociated from the old name, but if not, my apology remains. If you choose not to accept it, I understand and will not attempt to talk you into it. Thank you.

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