The Barrier: Thank You!


I want to thank everybody who read The Barrier Book One! Your support means the world to me. My husband and I are currently working on getting everything formatted so the paperback version can go live soon. I will leave the chapters up for a bit, but they will be pulled down in a few months. I would love to just give away my writing, but I need to be able to eat.

Book Two is more delayed than I’d like. I want to be honest about that so you aren’t expecting it soon, and I don’t let people down. However, I am trying to really power through and get my motivation back so that I can hopefully not have too long of a delay. Once it is finished, I will do the same thing as I did with Book One. Chapters will go live every Friday, and Patreon subscribers will get early access.

In the meantime, Patreon subscribers will still get an exclusive Impressions Piece every month, as well as Exploring Pieces and other Creative Writing.

I hope you enjoyed Book One of The Barrier, and I hope I will have more for you soon. I am looking forward to continuing the adventures of Riley and PIRI and hope you are excited as well.

Again thank you for reading and being a supporter, and stay tuned for announcements on Book Two and when the paperback of Book One will be available.

Thanks again!


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