Maple Lane Adventures: Year Three- Summer Week Four

Alright, we are on our last week of summer! This week had a lot of finishing up things already started. The first was Willy’s boat. We now have access to Ginger Island, part of the game I have done very little exploring of.

We also completed Gus’ big quest so he could make a giant omelet. All of the characters seemed to really enjoy it, so good on that.

I also got a cutscene with Penny, and she cooked the farmer some food that is… not good. You have to decide what to say, and sadly the only not mean option is to lie to her. I don’t like this; I get it’s a game and limited options, but nicely telling her, “hey, you need to practice more,” should be a thing?

Either way, we did get one more thing done from last week… Pam and Penny have a house now! Robin finishes up the house, and they are super grateful. I decided not to reveal that it was me that made it possible. Pam accurately guesses that whoever made it possible did not want them to feel obligated to them. She also promises to try to get her life together for Penny. After this, you will get a few people reacting to the change; my favorite is Evelyn’s, though. While she never directly says it, it is pretty clear she knows that the farmer did this.

And, of course, it’s the last week of summer, so we finish off with what is still my favorite event, the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies. I get that in terms of festivals, it’s the one that you do the least, but it is so lovely, and the music is so beautiful.

So summer is wrapped up, and time to move on to fall!

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