Maple Lane Adventures: Year Three- Summer Week Three

Alright, everybody, another week in Pelican Town and on Maple Lane Farm! This week I decided to finish up the quest for the Wizard. I thought I needed a strange bun to get by the henchman blocking the way to the Witch’s house. I was wrong and worked out it was just void mayo. We got by and got the Wizard his ink pot. When it is returned, it is clear his feelings for his ex-wife are still there as he asks if she seems to be alone, then he quickly decides he doesn’t want the answer. Finishing this quest opens up the chance to buy some things for the farm, like an obelisk that you can put on your farm and use to go to the desert anytime. Nothing he sells is cheap…

You can also buy things from the Witch after too, such as the ability to have your kids disappear. Which is… you know… a thing?

I also decided to finish feeding the… thing? Trash bear is one of the ways I have heard of it referred to. You give it a bunch of items, and when you finish, it will reward you with cleaning up the town a little, including giving the dog in the center of town a much nicer home.

I started Gus’s long quest to bring him eggs for a super omelet. I did some mining and died, damn it. And just normal upkeep and talking to people.

However, I did start one super special thing that I look forward to now that I know it’s in the game. I had Robin start building a house for Pam and Penny!

So with that, another week in Stardew Valley is done!

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