Personal: Lists and Loss

I love lists and schedules

They help with my ADHD, and I love being able to cross things off them

I have daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly lists

Every Sunday, I had “Call Margie” on my list

Until I didn’t

Now I am going through my beautiful planner for next year and realize “Call Margie” will never be included again

I wish I had appreciated what that weekly entry meant when I still had it

I wish I had known how quickly it would go away

I wish these last few years hadn’t been so damn hard and filled with loss

But I know I will find ways to keep my lists, power forward, think of her and others every day, and keep them with me. Even if “Call Margie” is no longer a possibility, make Margie proud is…

2 thoughts on “Personal: Lists and Loss

  1. Pray before I get out of bed.
    Pray last thing before going to sleep to thank the Lord for the blessing of the day.
    Only things that change daily.


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