Maple Lane Adventures: Year Three- Spring Two

Alright, we are back with another week on Maple Lane Farm! Not as much happened this week, but we still got a few important things.

We finished two parts of Willy’s boat, so with one more done, we will see where it takes us!

A lot of going around and having normal chats, but yet again, we got a weird one with Pierre. He apparently loves to sing Opera while alone in the shop. Man, Pierre has layers that I just did not know about from my other playthroughs.

We did some mining and finally got a dino egg! Yay!

It was also the Egg Festival. Normally after winning the hat, I don’t try that hard, but I was curious about what would happen if you won again. I got money in place of the hat, so can’t complain.

And we also had our baby! Rose joins the family, so that’s cool!

Not the busiest week, but a pretty awesome one!

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